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David Ellis owner knife companyI  began collecting knives over 30 years ago starting with the Bucks and Puma’s and some Gerber knives. While researching these and others I discovered the world of custom knives. Studying the Korean Martial Arts I learned the true Combat use of edged weapons. This is around the time that I looked into creating my own custom knives.

My first custom knives were of the combat variety purchased from Phill Hartsfield and Shiva Ki. I followed the work of many Bladesmiths and finally in 1988 I began my apprenticeship under longtime Bladesmith Martin Kruse. I also attended the Bladesmithing classes offered by the ABS (American Bladesmith Society) and when I moved from L.A. to San Diego worked with Al Barton. Al and I tested for our Journeyman stamps for the ABS together and passed the first time, Al received his Masters stamp in 1996 and I mine in 1997. Both Martin and Al have since passed away, I miss them daily!

In the recent years I have tried to specialize in mostly higher end Custom knives for my site. Bill Moran, Bob Loveless, Ron Lake, Buster Warenski and Jim Schmidt are some of my top picks. Lately I have been collecting a number of the newer Italian makers  and have been successful in locating those hard to find knives for my customers such as Moran damascus knives and rare Bob Loveless pieces. I accept consignments on a strictly limited basis.  Please contact me for more details if you have a knife or knives that you wish me to sell for you.

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to experience my site and personal knife collection, Dave Ellis, ABS, Mastersmith

P.S. Check out my other site MasterSmith.com