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bob loveless

survival knife with sheath

What Makes a Good Survival Knife

Modern life has become one of sedentary living and working. Many people scarcely walk a mile a day and they work in offices with air conditioning and snacks. We have lost our connection with the great outdoors and this has been reflected in the plethora of wilderness survival shows that have experienced great success on television. The public yearns to…

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Michael Walker Custom Knife

Our Custom Knives for Sale

At Exquisite Knives, we always have new, beautiful, collectible, and custom knives for sale. These rare pieces of artwork are usually one-of-a-kind creations from some of the best bladesmiths in the world. We only sell the rarest and most collectible knives on the planet; for this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of our custom knives for sale…

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bob loveless custom knife with sheath

The Story of Bob Loveless

Robert Waldorf Loveless – also known as RW Loveless and Bob Loveless – was one of the most influential custom knife makers of all time. Every knife lover, knife collector, and knifemaker worth their salt has heard the name Loveless, as he is regarded as one of the most innovative knifemakers the world has ever seen. The story of Bob…

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bob loveless

Bob Loveless and Custom Knives

Custom knife makers and blade smiths specialize in producing high quality knives that those who are passionate about knives are getting excited about. Bob Loveless was one of the great pioneers in the industry, so it’s worth discussing a little bit about the part he played in making knives and how he impacted the world of custom knives. Bob Loveless…

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