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buck knife 110 folding hunter

Famous Knives: History of the Buck Knife

All throughout the knife world, there are both legendary knife makers and knives that are legendary in their own right. What makes a knife legendary? If you look at every famous knife, there is not just a story behind it, but a plethora of stories. Famous knives typically achieve their legendary status through their universality and name recognition. If you…

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small knife collection

Things to Consider When Starting a Knife Collection

Knife collecting is one of those hobbies that—if you’re passionate about it, it can consume you! Passion is a dangerous thing; however, we’ve got some useful tips for you on collecting knives or starting a knife collection that can make things much simpler, take it from us. Decide Which Type of Custom Knife You Want It seems so simple, doesn’t…

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survival knife with sheath

What Makes a Good Survival Knife

Modern life has become one of sedentary living and working. Many people scarcely walk a mile a day and they work in offices with air conditioning and snacks. We have lost our connection with the great outdoors and this has been reflected in the plethora of wilderness survival shows that have experienced great success on television. The public yearns to…

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coated knife

Most Popular Blade Coatings

A skilled mastersmith can forge a variety of exquisite knives that are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Every knife has in its design a purpose, a specific use or a mechanical feature that give it some utility—such as folding knives being compact and able to be tucked away with ease. However, while most knives can offer some utility or…

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