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Custom Knife Collector

Gem of the Orient knifes

The Master of Collectors Art Knives: Buster Warenski

In the world of fantastic and masterfully crafted collectors knives, there are many different aspects of a knife that can transform it from a great knife into something exceptional and worthy of being called a collectors item. Many knives possess more than one exceptional quality, but typically they are things such as having a highly refined base for the knife…

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man offering handshake

Knife Collecting: How to Bargain Like a Pro

Our world shakes and moves based on currencies. Every country has a currency they abide by and getting access to services and goods is just a matter of having the right amount of that currency. This is how it is for most people, most goods are accessible, the only question is money. This is not the case in the exciting…

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The Psychology of a Knife Collector

The intricacies of individual personalities vary from person to person, as no two people are exactly alike in regard and fashion. The demeanor, habits, characteristics, and mentality of individuals are shaped through interests, histories, experiences, dislikes and habits. One of the unique habits that is formed from this list of wide variables is collecting. In fact, collecting is an incredibly…

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