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custom knife

custom folding knife on wooden desktop next to paper

A Comprehensive Knife Care Guide

A love of knives doesn’t end at simply collecting precious blades; if you’re in the market for knives as unique, collectible, and sought-after as the knives found at Exquisite Knives, you’ll want to make sure that you know as much as you can about knife care before you make the purchase. Protecting your custom knife should be at the top…

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custom knife maker

Custom Knives: Ergonomically Informed

The benefits of custom knives go far beyond aesthetics.  Spending the money for custom knives means not only getting the exact look that you want, but a form that is perfectly shaped to your hand.  Having a knife that is perfectly shaped to your hand will make it easier to use and thus, more worth the money you spent on…

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sam lurquin fighter

How Are Knives Made?

We recognize that our products are not only for the knife enthusiast, but for those who may care about one.  Buying a quality knife as a gift for someone who knows a lot about them can be intimidating, and your best bet in getting the most for your money is to learn a little bit about how knife-making works.  In…

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custom knife maker

What Makes A Great Custom Knife?

Attention To Detail Everyday knives don’t have a lot of detail in many cases. A custom knife stands out as a thing of function and beauty. This means seams should not be seen, and handles should be constructed with fine materials. Made By Hand A truly high-quality custom knife will be handmade by an artisan or possibly a team of…

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custom knives

Why Custom Knives Make Great Gift Ideas

While a custom knife may not be the best gift option for a little sister, chances are an uncle or grandfather would be blown away by a gift of a beautiful, “exquisite” custom knife. For knife collectors, a quality custom knife is an obvious gift. But even if someone isn’t an avid knife collector with a big collection, it could…

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bob loveless

Bob Loveless and Custom Knives

Custom knife makers and blade smiths specialize in producing high quality knives that those who are passionate about knives are getting excited about. Bob Loveless was one of the great pioneers in the industry, so it’s worth discussing a little bit about the part he played in making knives and how he impacted the world of custom knives. Bob Loveless…

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