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custom knives

Michael Walker Custom Knife

Our Custom Knives for Sale

At Exquisite Knives, we always have new, beautiful, collectible, and custom knives for sale. These rare pieces of artwork are usually one-of-a-kind creations from some of the best bladesmiths in the world. We only sell the rarest and most collectible knives on the planet; for this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of our custom knives for sale…

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bob loveless custom knife

The Story of Bob Loveless

Robert Waldorf Loveless – also known as RW Loveless and Bob Loveless – was one of the most influential custom knife makers of all time. Every knife lover, knife collector, and knifemaker worth their salt has heard the name Loveless, as he is regarded as one of the most innovative knifemakers the world has ever seen. The story of Bob…

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Self-Defense Knives

Knives, apart from being wonderful tools for food preparation, hunting, manufacturing, and collecting, are one of the best tools for self-defense in the world. Tactical knives, folding knives, and fixed blades are three of the most common knives that fall into the self-defense category; these knives can greatly improve your odds against an attacker compared to not having any weapon…

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custom knife

A Comprehensive Knife Care Guide

A love of knives doesn’t end at simply collecting precious blades; if you’re in the market for knives as unique, collectible, and sought-after as the knives found at Exquisite Knives, you’ll want to make sure that you know as much as you can about knife care before you make the purchase. Protecting your custom knife should be at the top…

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custom chef's knife

A Guide to Kitchen Knives

Ah, the kitchen! It’s where all of the magic happens. Slice and dice, carve and pare, cut, gash, and slash! Knives are a fundamental tool in the kitchen that give shape to your cuts of fruits, meats, and vegetables. Understanding the function of each knife can help you master the craft of home-cooking and can make you a real hit…

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custom knife dealer

Best Materials for Custom Knife Blades

Custom knives are usually made from a metal of higher quality than ordinary commercial knives. There are a few different types of material used for a custom blade. Most of them are steel. Yet, there are other materials available, such as alloy, but they are rare and usually made for specific purposes. In general, there are a few types of…

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bowie knives

Bowie Knives

Exquisite Knives offers custom knives in a vast variety of styles, among them, the Bowie knife.  Below, we want to highlight the history and benefits of this beautiful knife style. James Bowie James Bowie, also known as Jim Bowie, was a notorious knife fighter who met his end in one of the most famous battles in American history: the Alamo. …

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custom knives

Starting Your Collection

If you’ve been enticed by the world of custom knives, but haven’t had the time or opportunity to begin collecting, now is your chance to start.  Starting your custom knife collection is starting a lifelong treasure hunt.  As you amass more and more exquisite knives, your knowledge of them will grow as well.  You have to start somewhere, and starting…

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custom knives

Why Custom Knives Make Great Gift Ideas

While a custom knife may not be the best gift option for a little sister, chances are an uncle or grandfather would be blown away by a gift of a beautiful, “exquisite” custom knife. For knife collectors, a quality custom knife is an obvious gift. But even if someone isn’t an avid knife collector with a big collection, it could…

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bob loveless

Bob Loveless and Custom Knives

Custom knife makers and blade smiths specialize in producing high quality knives that those who are passionate about knives are getting excited about. Bob Loveless was one of the great pioneers in the industry, so it’s worth discussing a little bit about the part he played in making knives and how he impacted the world of custom knives. Bob Loveless…

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