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Exquisite Knives

bowie knives

Bowie Knives

Exquisite Knives offers custom knives in a vast variety of styles, among them, the Bowie knife.  Below, we want to highlight the history and benefits of this beautiful knife style. James Bowie James Bowie, also known as Jim Bowie, was a notorious knife fighter who met his end in one of the most famous battles in American history: the Alamo. …

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sam lurquin fighter

How Are Knives Made?

We recognize that our products are not only for the knife enthusiast, but for those who may care about one.  Buying a quality knife as a gift for someone who knows a lot about them can be intimidating, and your best bet in getting the most for your money is to learn a little bit about how knife-making works.  In…

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Gun Show Knives

Buy Knives at the Gun Show, Loopholes and Facts

In case you are unaware, the term gun show refers to a loophole in the U.S. and is a political term that referring to private sellers at gun shows; private knife collectors included. These knives and guns private sellers are not obligated to conduct a background check on firearms to independent buyers. The term may also be perceived as a…

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Best Knife ever made

5 of the Best Knives Ever Made

Whether you use knives for hunting, camping, fending off zombies, or you’re just a collector, there’s a beautiful handcrafted knife out there for anything. While we’ve come a long way since the first knives ever made, 40 years ago is when the magic really started to happen. Quality knives have been in high demand for hunters and collectors alike which…

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knife collecting tips

Tips on How to Start Your Knife Collection

Once you invest in that first knife, you’ll feel the real rush of knife collecting. Everyone likes to say they have something that a “collectable,” whether it’s baseball cards, records, jewelry, or in this case, knives, everyone has something that’s been handed down to them. So, why not start your own collection? People start collections for a number of reasons,…

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