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Keeping Knives Clean

How to Take Care of Kitchen Knives

How to Take Care of Kitchen Knives the Right Way

If you’re into the culinary arts, few things beat having a brand new set of cooking knives that are sharper than ever. Cooking is an art, and considering that the knives are like your version of a staple painting tool, you want to take care for them just as a painter would care for their brushes. Many people don’t properly…

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Fixed Blade with Holster

Taking Care of your Knife Collection

Just like collecting sports memorabilia or old records, knife collections have been growing in popularity over the years with people educating themselves on the true value of collecting handcrafted knives. Whether the knives you collect are rare pocket knives, fixed blade, or antique, all carry their own value and overtime, that value will dramatically increase if you take proper care…

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