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knife collecting

knife laying in forest cinematic

The Art Knife or The Practical Knife?

Knife collectors can be found in all parts of the world. This primal weapon calls to the soul of the caveman inside all of us. Our ancestors wielded knives. They wielded them to hunt prey, to make other tools, to cut food, etc. Knives have had a place in history and continue to have a place even in our modern,…

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Knife Collecting: How to Bargain Like a Pro

Our world shakes and moves based on currencies. Every country has a currency they abide by and getting access to services and goods is just a matter of having the right amount of that currency. This is how it is for most people, most goods are accessible, the only question is money. This is not the case in the exciting…

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Custom Wood Knife Handle

A Guide to Common Knife Handle Materials

So much of the discussion and focus around custom collectors’ knives is centered around the blade of the knife. This is only natural, after all, what’s a knife without a blade? Like all things in life, we tend to place less emphasis on the foundations for those shiny things that catch our eye. Without a good foundation, the thing you…

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custom folding knife on wooden desktop next to paper

A Comprehensive Knife Care Guide

A love of knives doesn’t end at simply collecting precious blades; if you’re in the market for knives as unique, collectible, and sought-after as the knives found at Exquisite Knives, you’ll want to make sure that you know as much as you can about knife care before you make the purchase. Protecting your custom knife should be at the top…

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The Psychology of a Knife Collector

The intricacies of individual personalities vary from person to person, as no two people are exactly alike in regard and fashion. The demeanor, habits, characteristics, and mentality of individuals are shaped through interests, histories, experiences, dislikes and habits. One of the unique habits that is formed from this list of wide variables is collecting. In fact, collecting is an incredibly…

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custom knives

Starting Your Collection

If you’ve been enticed by the world of custom knives, but haven’t had the time or opportunity to begin collecting, now is your chance to start.  Starting your custom knife collection is starting a lifelong treasure hunt.  As you amass more and more exquisite knives, your knowledge of them will grow as well.  You have to start somewhere, and starting…

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