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rare collectors knives

Gem of the Orient knifes

The Master of Collectors Art Knives: Buster Warenski

In the world of fantastic and masterfully crafted collectors knives, there are many different aspects of a knife that can transform it from a great knife into something exceptional and worthy of being called a collectors item. Many knives possess more than one exceptional quality, but typically they are things such as having a highly refined base for the knife…

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stag antler shed

What is Stag and Why Do Knife Collectors Love It?

In our last article about knife material handles, one material was left out of the bunch in terms of details, that would be stag. Many newcomers to collecting knives or simply learning about them are often confused when trying to look up information on stag or understand what exactly it is. The reason for that is unclear to me, as…

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knife collection

A Brief Look Into The Psychology of Collecting

Exquisite Knives You could say this site is dedicated to all of the knife lovers out there. Exquisite Knives is all about selling and showcasing…exquisite knives. Our knives are all high-end collector’s knives that have been forged by some of the most accomplished and well-regarded blademasters of their time—including the legendary Bob Loveless. Why Do Knife Lovers Collect? One of…

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