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Things to Consider When Starting a Knife Collection

Knife collecting is one of those hobbies that—if you’re passionate about it, it can consume you! Passion is a dangerous thing; however, we’ve got some useful tips for you on collecting knives or starting a knife collection that can make things much simpler, take it from us. Decide Which Type of Custom Knife You Want It seems so simple, doesn’t…

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knife collection

A Brief Look Into The Psychology of Collecting

Exquisite Knives You could say this site is dedicated to all of the knife lovers out there. Exquisite Knives is all about selling and showcasing…exquisite knives. Our knives are all high-end collector’s knives that have been forged by some of the most accomplished and well-regarded blademasters of their time—including the legendary Bob Loveless. Why Do Knife Lovers Collect? One of…

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The Ultimate Pocket Knife Buyers Guide

At Exquisite Knives, we’re all about investing, collecting, and trading in high quality hand crafted knives. However, there are some knives that are easier to shop for and there are some that are harder. If you’re looking for a hand crafted hunting knife, it’s a bit easier than if you were shopping for an all-purpose collectible pocket knife. Many assume…

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